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TruePosition’s TrueFix™ platform enables secure, private, telecom-grade geolocation solutions to help our customers create and deliver innovative location services. Contact us to learn more.

Secure, Private Location. Everywhere.

TruePosition’s geolocation solutions locate mobile phones and devices for important initiatives including:

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Indoor and Vertical Location Products

The TruePosition TrueFix™ Platform is your consolidated source for location technologies. Our flagship Wi-Fi location method provides accurate indoor results, while E-CID locates phones and devices outdoors. TruePosition’s Z-Axis or Vertical Location solution provides z-axis results while TruePosition’s Hybrid algorithms select the best available method.

The TrueFix platform is unique in its ability to provide ubiquitous coverage – even indoors – to all phones, along with advanced security features that make the platform appropriate for mission-critical uses like E9-1-1.

About TruePosition

TruePosition has been designing and deploying high performance cellular geolocation solutions since 1992. TruePosition creates custom solutions from our broad mix of location products and extensive experience in the location space.

TruePosition provides a full complement of services to design, deploy and support our custom solutions and products.

TruePosition is owned by Liberty Broadband Corporation.